• Candice Cole

SEO. What is it and how important is it, really?

Do you have a website for your business? If you do, you should know what SEO is. For those of you who don't it is Search Engine Optimization. This is a HUGE thing. Every website needs to optimize their website to allow maximum ability to be found by search engines. Every page should be indexed, and have key words, meta descriptions and tags. You can even do that to every photo and video on the website as well. This is very time consuming, but so very important. Learning the appropriate key words for each business type and unique keywords to set them apart can be daunting, but as I said it is worth it. If you have the time to learn, you should make it a priority.

We can offer a full website analysis, and SEO report. Ask about this service. Just having this information will help guide you in where to focus.

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